Responding to Uncertainties

This training course is designed to help project teams and businesses accurately and efficiently identify, quantify and mitigate risks which threaten to disrupt, or derail, their projects. The course content is applicable to all industry sectors where projects are undertaken, and are of a value and nature that necessitate formal risk management. It is tailored for personnel who are either involved in, or responsible for, the successful execution of these projects. The training and application of the risk management methodology covered in the course will benefit all people who are involved in any type or size of project, be it small single-discipline type projects through to multidiscipline mega projects.

What you would Learn:

  1. Learn how to accurately identify and define project risks
  2. Understand the Cumulative Risk Effect
  3. Learn how to apply bow-tie risk analysis methods
  4. Explore different risk management techniques
  5. Understand project context and risk boundaries
  6. Learn how to distinguish between real and perceived risks
  7. Learn how to quantify risk probability and impacts
  8. Understand risk impact categorisation
  9. Learn optimum mitigation techniques
  10. Master the process of efficient risk management.

Course Details

The main topics covered during this course include:

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Project Context and Risk Boundaries
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis & Evaluation Risk Response Planning, Implementation & Control



Booking Details

100 USD / participant

(incl. VAT)



After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee covers the tuition, training materials and templates.


Guarantee of quality – we return 25% of the price if you are not satisfied

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The focus on competence enabled me understand thoroughly the project management concepts and their applicable use. Loved this approach.

– Joe (Dubai, UAE)

Tops the list of training experiences I have been to. Extremely well structured and planned.
 – Isioma (Lagos, Nigeria)

Your coaching was instrumental in simplifying the implementation of the first virtual training campus in Somalia and creating the much needed structure in use today.

– Mohammed (UNAS Somalia)