Initiating Projects

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Course overview


Solution delivery and problem solving skills are key for every organization, but implementing these can be challenging. To effectively and efficiently complete several jobs at once, it is important to have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver Project work.

As we progress into a Project Driven Economy, Project management is an essential skill to harness.


Project Managers organize work around the project in order to communicate and coordinate tasks throughout departments more effectively. This course takes attendees into the fundamentals of project launching and setting the necessary foundation to kickstart your project. 


What we cover

·      Strategy Alignment

·      Developing Business cases

·      Identifying stakeholders and requirements

·      Developing the Project Charter

·      Gaining the support to launch your first project.


Why you need this course

Project management may seem like a complicated way to reach a target, but careful planning to take a project through its life cycle helps streamline tasks.

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