Competent PgMP® Overview

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Program Management is more than a “next step” in the career journey for project professionals. Competence in the field of Program Management positions you to align with an organizations strategic mandate and enable the achievement of benefits.


With the field of Program Management is still growing there is an advantage to stand out from the crowd and gain credibility for your expertise.


A Brief History of the PgMP®

Since its introduction in 2007, the PgMP® has earned the status as the “the gold standard” Program Management Certifications.


The Program Management Professional (PgMP) certification recognizes demonstrated experience, skill, and performance in the oversight of multiple, related projects initiated to achieve pre-defined benefits.


Our Selection Criteria

As part of our (Project Coach enrollment process to our certification programs at Project Coach Online, eligibility to attend this training requires the following:

1.     Proof of leading multiple projects to achieve Predefined Benefits

2.     Project Management Expertise

3.     Stakeholder Management

4.     Effective Communication Skills

5.     Understanding of Strategic Planning


Why you could be considering a Professional Certification 

1.     Natural Progression. For practicing “competent” Project Managers, Program management is a natural progression as the next step to take. This occurs especially as one leads larger and multiple related projects with moving parts, you are embarking on the road toward program management.


2.     Competitive Differentiator. Although not a driving criteria, we must acknowledge that there are few Program Managers in the market today (not as much as Project Managers), and as such, this could be a differentiator. 


3.     Career Growth. As you climb the career ladder, professionals progress form tactical solution delivery to partnering with organization in delivering strategic mandates and objectives; this is where Program Management Knowledge comes in handy. 



Target Audience:

The following target positions are ideal to utilize Program Management knowledge and Certifications.

·       Experienced project managers leading large and complex organization initiatives

·       PMO managers who are managing large projects with the imperative of developing a more program perspective

·       Business Objective Owners, responsible for “benefits” within an organization



Our Methodology

“Competence First”

We take pride in our rich training programs that focus on building the competence of trainees, while preparing them for certification programs.


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