Introduction to the PMP®
(Weekend Course)

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An Introduction to the PMP® Exam

This training introduces the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Training Course and provides a high-level view of the exam process and requirements.

The training would provide an insight to the domains for the PMP®, but DOES NOT serve as PMP® Certification Prep.


Part 1: High-level introduction to People Domain

Task 1: Manage conflict

Task 2: Lead a Team

Task 3: Support Team Performance

Task 4: Empower Team Members and Stakeholders

Task 5: Ensure Team Members or Stakeholders are Adequately Trained

Task 6: Build a Team

Task 7: Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers for Team

Task 8: Collaborate with Stakeholders

Task 9: Engage and Support Virtual Teams

Task 10: Mentor Relevant Stakeholders

Task 11: Promote Team Performance Through Application of Emotional Intelligence

Part 2: The Process Domain

Task 1: Execute Project with Urgency Required to Deliver Business Value

Task 2: Manage Communications

Task 3: Assess and Manage Risk

Task 4: Engage Stakeholders

Task 5: Plan and Manage Budget and Resources

Task 6: Plan and Manage Schedule

Task 7: Plan and Manage Quality of Products/Deliverables

Task 8: Plan and Manage Scope

Task 9: Integrate Project Planning Activities

Task 10: Manage Project Changes

Task 11: Plan and Manage Procurement

Task 12: Manage Project Artifacts

Task 13: Determine Appropriate Project Methodology or Methods and Practices

Task 14: Establish Project Governance Structure

Task 15: Manage Project Issues

Task 16: Ensure Knowledge Transfer for Project Continuity

Task 17: Plan and Manage Project or Phase Closure or Transitions

Part 3: The Business Environment Domain

Task 1: Plan and Manage Project Compliance

Task 2: Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value

Task 3: Evaluate and Address External Business Environment Changes for Impact on Scope

Task 4: Support Organizational Change

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