Project Success Tools

The training deals with all the essential phases of every project and teaches participants the key techniques, necessary for proper project management. Project management training courses will help you deliver smarter solutions on time and within budget. We believe successful projects can be achieved only by a combination of structured „hard„ project tools with “soft” project tools, ensuring the acceptation of a requested change, which arises from the project. In practice it means that we deliver to participants not only project management tools, but also change management techniques. We practice everything on real examples and case studies.

Typical areas where you can use the training

  • Functional management of work does not suit your book anymore and a company is transformed to project way of management.
  • Project managers have managed projects by “feeling” so far, and they now need to use professional techniques.
  • Projects fail to perform planned targets where time, costs and quality is concerned.
  • Projects are perfectly managed where organization is concerned, but the environment does not accept the change that the project brings.

You will learn to

  1. Understand the principles of project management with daily experience.
  2. Understand the roles and responsibility of particular participants in the project.
  3. Ensure a successful course of the project and a maximize project outcome.
  4. Know how to apply the management and control tools of the project.
  5. Get to know different kinds of reaction to change and to know how to face criticism.
  6. Schedule change activities during the whole process course.
  7. Know how to communicate and cooperate within a team

Booking Details

100 USD / participant

(incl. VAT)



After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee covers the tuition, training materials and templates.


Guarantee of quality – we return 25% of the price if you are not satisfied

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The focus on competence enabled me understand thoroughly the project management concepts and their applicable use. Loved this approach.

– Joe (Dubai, UAE)

Tops the list of training experiences I have been to. Extremely well structured and planned.
 – Isioma (Lagos, Nigeria)

Your coaching was instrumental in simplifying the implementation of the first virtual training campus in Somalia and creating the much needed structure in use today.

– Mohammed (UNAS Somalia)