Strategic Goals

Project management is much more than creating outputs, at the core of projects is the delivery of strategic objectives and plans. This course introduces participants to the benefits of linking projects to strategy and how to effectively implement this vital requirement.

Due to the extreme need for good project management within organizations, detailed bodies of knowledge exist to offer instruction on how to best manage projects, and people dedicate their entire careers to building this expertise. When projects are managed successfully, teams are able to do much more than deliver what’s been promised. The end result is often a full strategic alignment between teams, departments, and the entire organization.

Course Outline:

Understanding Project Management Benefits

  • Project Vs. Program Vs. Portfolio Management
  • Project
  • Program
  • Portfolio
  • Project Management Basics

When & How To Link Projects To Strategy

How To Know When A Project Is Strategic

A Framework For Linking Projects To Strategy        

Life Cycle Strategic Actions

  • Strategic decisions during Project Initiation
  • Strategic decisions during Planning
  • Strategic Execution
  • Strategic Reporting

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After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee covers the tuition, training materials and templates.


Guarantee of quality – we return 25% of the price if you are not satisfied

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The focus on competence enabled me understand thoroughly the project management concepts and their applicable use. Loved this approach.

– Joe (Dubai, UAE)

Tops the list of training experiences I have been to. Extremely well structured and planned.
 – Isioma (Lagos, Nigeria)

Your coaching was instrumental in simplifying the implementation of the first virtual training campus in Somalia and creating the much needed structure in use today.

– Mohammed (UNAS Somalia)