Delivering On Schedule

If you’re new to project scheduling, or want to improve your scheduling skills, this course will give you what you need to be successful. We’ll begin by examining what project scheduling is and looking at the components that go into a schedule. Then I’ll guide you through identifying the work that needs to be done, estimating time and cost, and putting tasks into the right order. I’ll describe how to build a project team and assign resources to tasks. I’ll also provide tips for working with part-time workers and remote teams. We’ll explore ways to fine-tune the schedule to balance people’s workloads. Finally, we’ll go over methods for managing a schedule to deliver what’s important and keep the project on-track from start to finish. Managing a project schedule successfully requires a well-stocked toolbox. I’ll introduce you to these tools and show you how to use them in managing project schedules.

Who this Course is For:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about scheduling in project management
  • Project Managers
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Schedulers
  • Managers

You will learn

  1. What You Need to Know Before Starting
  2. Showcase of The Project Schedule
  3. Using the Exercise Files
  4. An Overview of Project Scheduling
  5. Components of A Project Schedule
  6. Identifying the Work That Needs to Be Done
  7. Organizing Work with Summary Tasks
  8. Adding Milestones
  9. Estimating Time and Cost
  10. Putting Tasks into The Right Order
  11. Delaying or Overlapping Tasks with Lag and Lead Time
  12. Setting Specific Dates
  13. Balancing Resource Assignment Variables
  14. Planning Resources at A High Level
  15. Procuring Resources
  16. Assigning Resources That Are Available
  17. Working with Part Time Workers and Teams
  18. Working with Remote Teams
  19. Fine Tuning the Schedule for Resources
  20. Determining the Critical Path
  21. Putting the Critical Path to Work
  22. Lengthening Delaying and Splitting Assignments
  23. Adjusting the Level of Work Over Time
  24. Replacing Overallocated Resources
  25. Adding Buffers to The Schedule
  26. Adding A Baseline to The Schedule
  27. Proactively Managing a Schedule
  28. Finding Schedule Problems

Booking Details

100 USD / participant

(incl. VAT)



After the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

The fee covers the tuition, training materials and templates.


Guarantee of quality – we return 25% of the price if you are not satisfied

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The focus on competence enabled me understand thoroughly the project management concepts and their applicable use. Loved this approach.

– Joe (Dubai, UAE)

Tops the list of training experiences I have been to. Extremely well structured and planned.
 – Isioma (Lagos, Nigeria)

Your coaching was instrumental in simplifying the implementation of the first virtual training campus in Somalia and creating the much needed structure in use today.

– Mohammed (UNAS Somalia)