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We are creating Basic, Standard and Premium Membership options to cater to your learning needs. 

Membership benefits include access to live trainings, a variety of resources, standardized templates and customized trainings tailored to your need. 

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Certification Plus (C+)


We believe that there is a place for professional certifications in a professionals career. Project Management is Experiential and as such we focus our attention to ensure you are equipped with the necessary skills employers are looking for.

Certifications validate and provide a stamp on your years of project delivery. During  recruitment processes, performance appraisals and assessments, some employers use these as a means to differentiate employees and candidates. Achieving a certification is a result of dedicated, disciplined and determined hours put into the pursuit of a target goal.

With an increase in project management certifications, it is essential to stay relevant and informed in best practices. This positions you to capitalize on future project opportunities. Note: The Project Management Job growth and Talent Gap report, outlines that by 2027 employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management oriented roles,